Some FAQ you might have after the deployment
1.Where can I go for the application?
2. Can I have ownership of the standard cross-chain contract?
  • Yes. You can either have it right from the start, and set our MPC as one of the minters, or we can transfer you the ownership later.
3. What should I look out for when submitting the application?
  • Always double confirm the info you submit. Any false info could lead to a failed application. The following info is key for a successful application on Multichain.
Check list
Double-check the token address you submitted.
Double-check the target chain you selected.
Note: An application for a bridge such as: BSC<>BSC, or ETH<>ETH won't work. A cross-chain bridge only connects two different chains together.
Please make sure the email address you submit is valid and is functional.
Please make sure the Telegram contact you submit is approachable.
Please make sure to submit all info as required.
4. How can I verify the contract if the ownership is not mine?
  • Multichain will verify the contract, and if you wish to update the token info, we have a guide for how to update it, we can share it with you after the deployment is done.
5. How do I know if my token has been deployed by Multichain?
  • We will inform you via the email you submitted or the Telegram contact you submitted.
6. How much liquidity should I add to the Router?
  • Multichain does not have mandatory requirements for it. The amount of liquidity to add is determined by your project scale and user needs. For a small project, we suggest adding at least $200k LP on each chain where your token has been issued. The amount can be changed at will.
7. Can I withdraw the liquidity I add?
  • Yes, you can withdraw the liquidity at any time as long as it’s not used by the users.
8. How do I add liquidity on Multichain Router?
9. How about the fee?