How to Use

A quick way to get acquainted with how you could swap with Multichain Router.

Before moving forward, downloading and installing a wallet are a must (MetaMask wallet is used as an example for instructions). You need to either create a new MetaMask wallet or import an existing one.

1. Setup

1.1 Visit Multichain and Get your MetaMask connected

1.2 Network setup

The default network setting in MetaMask is Ethereum Mainnet, which means you will need to set up MetaMask on other networks. Here, we take BSC network as an example to show you the setup process.

2. Swap

Multichain router allows users to swap assets between two chains arbitrarily. Before your first swap on Multichain Exchange, contract approval is required with every token that interacts with a contract. It is a one-off process, and you will not go through it again when it comes to the same token. We take $USDC transfer from FTM to BSC as an example to present an entire swap process.

2.1 Contract Approval

Once approved, a small notification window will appear. Click to see the details if you want to.

Alternatively, you can find transaction records according to the following steps. Contract approval is a must-do for every token with a contract. Next time, you can go swap directly.

2.2 Swap

Swapping between two chains is super-fast with Multichain router.

Chances are that you will receive anytokens when liquidity is insufficient in the target chain. For example, you will receive anyUSDC if there is a lack of liquidity (USDC) in BSC network, however, you can still redeem anyUSDC to USDC in the Multichain pool.

Similarly, a small notification window will appear when you’ve sent a transaction. Click the link to see transaction status or check out your MetaMask account.

Your transaction is done when status turns into ‘Success’. Congratulations!

2.3 Liquidity Removal

If you receive anytokens (e.g., anyUSDC), no worries, please wait a while for Multichain pool to rebalance. Once the pool is refilled, you are able to remove liquidity.

If you are impatient with pool to rebalance, you can remove anyUSDC to a different network with liquidity available.

That’s it! Wait a bit. Go and click the link to check transaction status.

3. Status Check

If you miss the link to check cross-chain transaction status, no worries, there is another way to find out by using Multichain Explorer.

Do us a Favor? Add Liquidity

The development of Multichain Ecosystem relies on everyone. We thereby very much appreciate your contributions to the community by adding liquidity to Multichain Pool.

The process is similar to what we’ve done with swap. You need to approve contract first before adding liquidity.

Once done, you can see a notification window show up and your pool share change.

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