Supported Tokens

Currently, over 1,100 tokens are supported by Multichain. The cross-chain infrastructure built based on the Multichain Cross-link Route Protocol (CRP) provides significant advantages and competitive services to the blockchain and DEFI project parties.These advantages are reflected in the following:

1. Multi-chain token issue

By working with Multichain, the new project will be able to link their tokens to multiple blockchain ecosystems with one step.

2. Free listing

Through the application channel on Multichain official website, the listing requests could be submitted independently and listed without fee.

3. Quick deployment

For successfully applied projects, the deployment will be completed within 3 days to 1 week.

4. Easy Integration

Cross-chain services implemented with Multichain CRP enable convenient integration with project party applications without targeted secondary development by project parties.

The list of supported tokens could be checked anytime via Multichain's official website.

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