Fees Paid on Source Chain

anyCall V6 allows execution gas fees to be paid on the source chain instead of the destination chain.

If you want to pay fees on the source chain, simply set _flags as 2 in the anyCall function.

function anyCall( address _to, bytes calldata _data, address _fallback, uint256 _toChainID, uint256 _flags )

This allows guaranteed execution on the destination chain and also allows dapps to charge gas fees from users.


Firstly, anyCall needs to be imported as a payable function as below:

interface CallProxy{
    function anyCall(
        address _to,
        bytes calldata _data,
        address _fallback,
        uint256 _toChainID,
        uint256 _flags

    ) payable external;

The specific fees can be calculated with this helper function in the anyCall contract:

_appID can simply be 0 as it's only used for specific dapps with special setting.

function calcSrcFees(
    string calldata _appID,
    uint256 _toChainID,
    uint256 _dataLength
) external view returns (uint256) {
    return _calcSrcFees(_appID, _toChainID, _dataLength);
function _calcSrcFees(
        string memory _appID,
        uint256 _toChainID,
        uint256 _dataLength
    ) internal view returns (uint256) {
        SrcFeeConfig memory customFees = srcCustomFees[_appID][_toChainID];
        uint256 customBaseFees = customFees.baseFees;
        uint256 customFeesPerBytes = customFees.feesPerByte;

        if (isUseCustomSrcFees(_appID, _toChainID)) {
            return customBaseFees + _dataLength * customFeesPerBytes;

        SrcFeeConfig memory defaultFees = srcDefaultFees[_toChainID];
        uint256 defaultBaseFees = defaultFees.baseFees;
        uint256 defaultFeesPerBytes = defaultFees.feesPerByte;

        uint256 baseFees = (customBaseFees > defaultBaseFees) ? customBaseFees : defaultBaseFees;
        uint256 feesPerByte = (customFeesPerBytes > defaultFeesPerBytes) ? customFeesPerBytes : defaultFeesPerBytes;

        return baseFees + _dataLength * feesPerByte;

The formula is a default fee + fee per byte in the calldata: baseFees + _dataLength * feesPerByte

How is fee paid?

After calculating the correct amount of fees to paid with the helped function, the fee should be paid as msg.value (The native gas token)

Then anyCall can be called with {value:msg.value} to pay fee on source chain.

CallProxy(anycallcontract).anyCall{value: msg.value}

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