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anyCall V6 Testnet Environments

anyCall V6 is fully live on the following testnets. anyCall will be deployed on more chains in the future.
The chain ids of the specific testnets should be used when using anyCall on testnets, for example, chain id 4 should be used for Rinkeby.
For anyCall V6 testnets, you need to deposit some gas tokens in the destination anyCall contract for execution to work just like mainnets. Another option is to pay execution fee on the source chain. Refer to the following paragraph.
Fees: Before using the anyCall protocol, projects need to deposit some gas fee to the destination anyCall contract. Note that the address argument of the deposit(address _account) function should be the sender contract address on the source chain. The fee depends on the calldata size. The totalCost of one transaction = (gasUsed - gasleft()) * (tx.gasprice + _feeData.premium)