Road Map

Roadmaps are dynamic, please check our announcements for the latest roadmaps.

Business Scope

  • Support more chains and crypto assets

  • Support innovations of the blockchain ecosystem

  • Support interoperability of multi parties in Web3

Technical Evolution

  • New Threshold Signature Algorithm based on MPC supporting ED25519

  • AnyCall cross-chain contract support for third party developers

  • Research on MPC networks and trusted computation

  • Research on public MPC blockchain network, which will be an infrastructure that provides public, universal trust services

  • Develop joined researches on MPC and trusted computation with top academic institutions


  • A series of incentive programs to support emerging innovations, partnerships and Web3 communities

  • Expand global Multichain communities, enrich the scenarios of token usage and enhance DAO governance

  • Build global CRP(Cross-Chain Router Protocol) ecosystems


  • Become an indispensable, ultimate value router in web3

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