Security Engineer (Code Auditing)


  1. Goland source code security audit, vulnerabilities verification

  2. Providing advice for vulnerabilities recovery

  3. Build and optimize vulnerability scanning tools, application system security testing

  4. Track and analyze the latest security vulnerabilities in the industry

  5. 3+ years of security experience

  6. Strong knowledge of cryptography and mathematics

  7. Proficiency in Goland or C/C++ code

  8. Familiarity with code audit tools, proficiency in various familiar security vulnerabilities

  9. Audit experience in open source software, block-chain, and distributed systems is preferred

  10. Familiarity with advanced security concepts, best practices and procedures.

  11. Excellent written communication skills, demonstrating the ability to write with purpose, clarity, and accuracy to both technical and non-technical audiences.

  12. Experience in security audit company is preferred

  13. Experience in network attack and defense is preferred


Work from anywhere

Flexible working hours

Competitive Salary + Token bonus


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