EVM Networks Integration

Applying to Add a New BlockChain

Please reach out to one of our team and we can talk you through the process of integrating new chains into our SMPC network.

For EVM's we have some requirements to be met Adding EVM's to Multichain

We can integrate any chain that uses ECDSA or EdDSA encryption, but some factors make it easier and quicker to implement

  • A well functioning block explorer, preferably one that has the functionality of etherscan.io

  • A wallet that is well recognised. It is easiest for us if the new chain supports MetaMask as a bare minimum, but we can also work with Coin98 or TerraStation for COSMOS ecosystem chains.

  • Standard RPC calls to the EVM. If these have been altered, then we must check that the functionality is still there for us to be able to integrate. We only require quite basic calls.

  • Concurrent with a recent EVM, such as London.

  • An easy-to-implement Full Node. We will need to run a full node. If there is stable code to do this with well-written instructions, then this will speed up the process.

  • Well-functioning RPC Gateways.

Please submit chain integration request form here: https://dard6erxu8t.typeform.com/to/C7RwF08A

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