anyCall V7

anyCall V7 is the latest version of anyCall. This version is recommended as it contains useful features and innovations which make it perfect for your cross-chain dapps.

What is anyCall?

AnyCall is a permissionless generic cross-chain message protocol that allows cross-chain messages and contract calling from chain A to chain B. anyCall is secured by the Multichain SMPC network which is used to secure billions of assets.

Features and Updates include:

  • Permissionless Deployments (No whitelisting)

  • Flexible contract designs

  • Chained anyCall allowed. You can call anyCall to Chain B, then to Chain C

anyCall V7 Workflow

The anyCall protocol is made up of three main functions anyCall , anyExec . These two methods exist in our deployed anyCall contracts.

DAPPS need to develop and deploy a sender contract on chain A and a receiver contract on chain B. On the receiver contract, a function named anyExecute needs to be present and it will be called.

DAPPS sender contract(Chain A) -> anyCall(Chain A) -> SMPC Network -> anyExec(Chain B) ->AnyCallExecutor -> anyExecute by DAPP receiver contract(Chain B)

DAPPS sender contract call anyCall on the Chain A. Then SMPC network will relay anyCall event which will call AnyCallExecutor to make the final execution of the anyExecute function on the DAPP receiver contract. Hence a function named anyExecute needs to be present in the DAPP receiver contract.

If the anyExec contract execution failed on Chain B, it can call _fallback function to send messages back to Chain A.

anyExecute DAPP receiver contract(Chain B failed) -> anyCall(Chain B) -> SMPC Network -> anyExec(Chain A) -> anyFallback DAPP sender contract(Chain A)

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